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Since the advent of intelligent automotive, as an in-car service equipped with innovative and networked in-vehicle products, the potential value of the intelligent cockpit has been noticed by more and more car manufacturers. Committed to the design, development and production of micro-gear transmission systems, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to ZHAOWEI ) follows the development trend of Intelligent Cockpit and offers reasonable solutions for the customers.

The intelligent cockpit has undergone continuous improvement. In the early days, people only considered the car as a means of transportation, they spared little concern for the environment inside the cockpits, and the function of the early cockpit was limited and imperfect. From the perspective of automotive hardware, the early cockpit mainly consisted of mechanical instrument panels and devices such as car radios and intercoms.

Soon with the development of automotive electronics and the multiple needs of drivers, a small size central LCD was installed in the car cockpit, such as the car navigation, Bluetooth, and media playback devices. While the increasing variety of inlaid electronic products also brought more and more functional buttons to the car, which made drivers feel uneasy when driving. Meanwhile, the integration of functions is not reasonable and the experience is not smooth enough. 

By now, the stage we are in is called Anthropomorphism in Interaction.One of the most important features that distinguishes this stage from the previous one is the evolution of intelligence. For example, benefiting from the increasing penetration of LiDAR applications in advanced assisted driving, the demand for service-oriented robotics and intelligent transportation construction, the global LiDAR market size is expected to be valued at USD13.54 billion with the CAGR of 64.6% from 2020 to 2025. These data released by Sullivan indicate that the market size of LiDAR is showing a trend of rapid expansion.

Driven by the vision of "Committed to progress in the field of micro-drives to create a smarter and better life", ZHAOWEI keeps paying attention to the frontier of the intelligent automotive industry. Up to now, the technologies developed by ZHAOWEI have covered five major fields including automotive power, automotive body, automotive chassis, intelligent cockpit and automotive accessories. And in the intelligent cockpit field, ZHAOWEI together with automotive manufacturers have developed micro drive system solutions for products such as the flip screen drive systems, LiDAR and iBooster. Set LiDAR as an example, ZHAOWEI vehicle-mounted LiDAR drive system can expand the detection range and improve the flexibility of radar, which helps to improve driving safety in complex road conditions.

LIDAR Autonomous Vehicles

With the development of automotive intelligence, the intelligent cockpit has become a focus of the layout of major automotive manufacturers. In 2020, the global intelligent cockpit market size was valued at USD37 billion and the industry penetration rate was 45%. In 2025, the market size is expected to grow at USD56 billion with the CAGR of 8 % and the industry penetration rate will reach to 59%.

As a partner of automotive manufacturers in the micro drive field, ZHAOWEI has always been committed to the research and development of the micro drive systems, providing customers with integrated drive system solutions which combine precision components, transmission systems and control systems together and offering customers with customized micro-drive systems in the pioneering field of intelligent automotive.

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