Thermal transfer coder, also known as tto coder, is an intelligent product that can replace the original ribbon coder without the need to replace the word nail, the print head is made of japanese crystal ceramic high quality print head, which can easily change the content to be printed through the computer: Such as production date, product batch number, expiry date and time, shift and other variable. It is as convenient as the original ribbon coder in terms of printing the date and other contents with the packaging machine, but at the same time it is as easy to change the print content as the printer. It is also possible to print more text, numbers and patterns on flexible packaging films, aluminium-plastic composite films and labels with high quality.

Tto coders have the following characteristics:
1. Tto coders are specially developed for emerging markets and are easy to use
2. Simple, real-time automated digital coding solutions with intelligent operation
3. Tto coders increase efficiency and quality, are easy to use and have traceability
4. Good print quality to enhance company and product image, especially for high-end packaging products
5. Network control and image design via pc or operating keyboard 
6. Chengdu linx also offers high quality high-end barcode printing for electronic regulatory codes, which can be used with printers and slitting machines or pharmaceutical packaging machines to meet the requirements of the national electronic regulatory code for pharmaceuticals.

Chengdu linservice industrial printing technology co., ltd. Is located in chengdu, sichuan province, china, with its strong technical strength, complete production equipment, strict quality testing, and mature manufacturing process, it has become a leader in the product marking the industry leader with its strong technical strength, complete production equipment, strict quality testing and mature manufacturing process.
As a professional printer product provider with professional technology and product resources, we focus on product identification and security for enterprises. With more than nearly 20 years of service experience in the marking industry, we provide safe, secure and reliable product identification for all sectors of society, especially in the application of industrial marking relevance and traceability.
It is a manufacturer of coding machines engaged in professional r&d, production and sales, and is a joint-stock enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. Patented products are the core competitiveness of the company. The company has developed its main products: Inkjet printer, laser marking machine, tto printer, ink cartridge, conveyor belt, paging machine, etc.
The products are also exported to more than 30 countries such as uk, russia, saudi arabia, uae, poland, ukraine, india, korea, singapore, brazil and peru.



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