Modified gypsum lightweight composite wall panels


Modified gypsum lightweight composite wallboard is a modified gypsum wallboard with the advantages of light quality, high strength, multiple environmental protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, respiration and humidity regulation, fire prevention, fast construction and reduced wall costs. Its inner layer is equipped with inorganic foam profiles or other insulation materials with reasonable layout for heat insulation and sound absorption. The wallboard is poured, levelled and scientifically maintained by an assembly line, with a high degree of automation in production and many varieties of specifications.

The characteristics of our modified gypsum composite lightweight wallboard in comparison with other similar products:
1、better stability, because of the special formula and production process, truly no cracking and no deformation in application.
2, better safety, because the internal structure is more optimised and reliable, greatly enhancing the impact resistance, folding resistance and earthquake resistance.
3、better energy-saving thermal insulation. Because the interior is filled with high quality insulation materials.
4、better sound insulation. Because of the use of composite processes and materials.
5、better comfort. Preserves and enhances the unique properties of gypsum materials, regulating and purifying indoor air.
6、longer fire resistance. 100 thicker than three hours, 200 thicker than four hours.
7、higher grip and hanging power. It can be nailed with all kinds of nails and expansion screws, and can be hung on the wall with hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects.
8、better reworkability, can be sawed and nailed in any shape more convenient for slotting and wiring.
9、better repairability, a variety of conventional materials and adhesives can be used to repair the grooved and partial damage.
10、surface decoration can be selected widely, applicable to various decorative materials and techniques.

Chengdu qingbaijiang xingxin building materials co., ltd. Is a high-tech innovative enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales of new wall materials. The production base is located in qingbaijiang, covering an area of 12000 square meters. It has a complete production line and independent intellectual property rights, with an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters.
The "modified gypsum lightweight composite wallboard" produced by the company is guided and participated by relevant authoritative departments and experts such as the provincial institute of building materials, provincial institute of construction sciences, municipal institute of construction sciences, china national building materials beixin group, sichuan huaxi group, chengdu construction engineering, etc. After being tested by the national building materials testing center and the sichuan provincial building materials quality supervision and inspection center, all performance indicators have reached an excellent level. All performance indicators are superior to the national gb/t23251-2009 standard
This product has been widely used by central and state-owned enterprises both inside and outside the province in multiple projects in asia and africa; the product installation process has been declared as a provincial-level construction method by chengdu construction engineering group, and is currently actively applying for a national level construction method.




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