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GGD type AC low-voltage switchgear is a new type of switchgear designed according to the requirements of the Ministry of Energy, the majority of power users and the design department, based on the principles of safety, economy, reasonableness and reliability. The product has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong series and practicality, novel structure and high protection level, which can be used as the newer product of low-voltage complete switchgear. It is widely used in power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other electric power users as AC 50HZ, rated working voltage 380V, rated current up to 3150A in the distribution system for power, lighting and distribution equipment for power conversion, distribution and control. The product is characterized by high breaking capacity and novel rated short structure. The product is one of the representative products of assembled and fixed panel switchgear in China.
Product features:
1. High load-bearing, high strength, suitable for use scenarios with load-bearing requirements.
2. High protection level, suitable for outdoor or wet and other harsh environments.
3. Anti-vibration, can be used in car and other vibration environment.
4. Electromagnetic shielding, electrostatic shielding, effective shielding electromagnetic or electrostatic interference.

Material: cold-rolled steel plate (can be customized stainless steel)
Surface treatment: cabinet phosphate primer treatment outside for powder coating
Color:RAL7032 and RAL7035 two kinds of woven pattern
Mounting plate:Galvanized plate
Standard configuration: front door, back panel, mounting plate, cabinet body, sealing strip, door lock, side panel (optional)
Steel plate thickness: frame: nine-fold profile 1.5mm; door plate: 2.0mm; back plate, side plate: 1.5mm
Protection class: IP30;
Mounting plate: 2.5mm (optional 3.0mm)
 This product supports personalization, multiple styles, non-standard and other customization, the top plate can be removed, the side plate can be removed, more convenient to work, the door plate is very high from the ground about 25mm, to ensure that the door is flexible and smooth, the frame is dense 25mm spacing modulus hole to ensure the flexibility of installation, versatility, while optional 3.0mm galvanized mounting plate can be used to push into the cabinet from the front through the plastic slider rail, and Both sides have U-shaped folded edges to make the mounting plate more solid and easier to handle. Professional fork locks, load-bearing rings and various functional accessories show the luxury quality of the cabinet.

Chengdu Zhongjun Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise which integrates production, processing and sales. The factory covers an area of 4,000 square meters, our company is engaged in low voltage electrical switchgear and control equipment below 10kv, medium and large electrical engineering projects, technical transformation, complete sets of equipment production, installation and commissioning of professional companies. Over the past ten years, we have undertaken numerous products in various industries such as electric power, power station, petroleum, communication, sewage treatment and environmental protection equipment to meet the different needs of customers to the maximum extent. Industrial engineering and equipment throughout the country's large and medium-sized cities construction projects.
Main products: imitation Rittal cabinet, 21 cabinet, base box, GGD cabinet, GCS drawer cabinet, network communication cabinet, operation desk, screen cabinet, low-voltage distribution cabinet, PLC control cabinet and other products.


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