72v Series Electric Three-Wheeled Motorcycle, Low-Speed Electric Vehicles, Special Electric Vehicles Lithium Battery


Electric motorcycle lithium battery is assembled using electric car grade lithium iron phosphate cells, replacing the existing use of lead-acid batteries, due to the traditional battery (such as: nickel-hydrogen batteries, lead-acid batteries, etc.) some technical performance such as energy density, charge and discharge speed has been close to the theoretical limit value, lithium batteries due to high energy density, high capacity, no memory and other advantages.
Most of the electric car battery specifications on the market are 48V, 60V, 72V, these represent the battery voltage, want to know the battery capacity is not enough just by the voltage, the general battery will be written on the 48V12Ah or 48V20Ah, followed by the amperage represents the electric car capacity, when the voltage is certain, the greater the current, the stronger the power, the greater the battery discharge current represents the battery capacity The stronger, the better the acceleration performance of the vehicle, the higher the battery quality.
The specific battery capacity calculation method is: Battery storage capacity = calibration voltage X calibration current
Product features:
1. products to meet the use of electric two-wheelers, electric three-wheeled trucks, electric three-wheeled buses, low-speed electric four-wheelers, electric sightseeing vehicles, golf carts, small electric sanitation vehicles;
2. Meet the use of motor power 300W-7000W;
3. The battery is protected against overcharge, overdischarge, overvoltage, overcurrent and high temperature;
4. charger according to the battery calibration voltage can choose the current size of different chargers, but the maximum can not exceed the marked capacity of 50% of the current, for example: 60V60AH battery to choose the maximum charger can not exceed 60V30A, of course, the smaller the charging current charging time is longer, it is recommended to match the selected charging time of 4-8 hours charger;
5. support cell phone Bluetooth connection battery, display battery status, can determine the basic battery failure problems.

The purpose of positive development: this product is mainly for domestic and foreign electric three-wheeled generation of passenger vehicles, freight vehicles low-speed electric vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, special electric vehicles use, the frequency of use of such models, the daily range is far, the use of traditional lead-acid batteries can not effectively guarantee the use of vehicles, vehicles for a long time there can not meet the use of troubles, delaying the effective working process.
Product features:
1. the products meet the use of electric three-wheeled trucks, electric three-wheeled buses, low-speed electric four-wheelers, electric sightseeing vehicles, small electric sanitation vehicles;
2. to meet the use of motor power 2000-5000W;
3. the battery has overcharge, over discharge, high temperature protection function;
4. the charger can choose 72V10-40A to charge the battery;
5. support cell phone Bluetooth connection battery, display battery status, determine the fault problem
Battery using lithium iron phosphate core material, cycle life of more than 1200 times, strong power, fast charging, small size, light weight, easy to install, resistant to storage
Product specifications: 72V60AH, 72V75AH, 72V100AH, 72V120AH, 72V150AH

Chongqing Lizhong New Energy Co.was established in 2011. Located in Chongqing High-tech Industrial Park, the production base is located in Beibei District, Chongqing. The company's strategic development is clear, taking the new energy industry as the strategic development direction, focusing on the application of lithium battery research and development, after years of development, integration of scientific research and development, lithium battery production, sales in one, has formed an annual production capacity of 50,000 sets of electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, low-speed electric vehicle power lithium battery, stationary air conditioning storage lithium battery 10000 sets.
The company has formed a stable cooperation relationship with the domestic famous lithium battery core manufacturer, Guoxuan High-tech, and adopts Guoxuan High-tech automotive grade lithium iron phosphate core to develop electric motorcycle, electric tricycle and low-speed electric vehicle power battery, which has the characteristics of high safety, long life, good high temperature performance, large capacity, light weight and environmental protection. After years of development, the company has a complete technical reserve. Through in-depth research on the electric motorcycle market, we have developed lithium battery pack products with good versatility and compatibility. Self-developed special lithium iron phosphate battery management system, with multiple functions such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overload protection, temperature protection, etc., has been tested in the market and won the praise of users. The company's newly developed lithium battery management system can be connected to the lithium battery through cell phones, so that users can understand the working condition of the lithium battery by cell phones, and through our remote management system, the battery can be fault determination and maintenance, reducing lithium battery fault misjudgment and service costs, and realizing intelligent management of the battery.
Chongqing Lizhong New Energy Co., Ltd. is committed to "good car with lithium, save money and convenience", with excellent technology, quality products, to win the market!

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